Integrated Learning

NMA runs a Junior High School with most pupils being between the ages of eleven (11) and fifteen years. Admission is done for pupils who are enrolling in Junior High School 1 only. This is to enable teachers have at least two years of assisting pupil before he/she is presented as a candidate for the Basic Education Certificate Examination. Subjects studied are English Language, Mathematics, Integrated Science, Social Studies, Religious & Moral Education, French, Twi, Basic Design & Technology and Information & Communication Technology.

Junior Years is a unique time in your child’s development. This is a period of tremendous intellectual, physical and emotional growth when young people begin to wrestle with questions in more profound ways – questions about themselves, the world and their place in it.

New Mission Academy offers a caring and academically rich environment in which all students are inspired to pursue their passions and excel in the modern world. Our aim is that they become sophisticated, independent thinkers equipped and determined to realise their ambitions and aspirations. We offer a well-rounded education to inspire our students with the love of learning and spark intellectual curiosity that will prepare them both for the challenges they will face at school and beyond.

Our Junior Years curriculum is designed to be broad and balanced, and to widen students’ knowledge, understanding and experiences. It promotes academic rigour, develops intellectual curiosity and fosters the ability to learn independently. It also ensures that academic excellence flourishes alongside arts, music and sport. Our students pursue knowledge and conceptual understanding in a wide variety of subjects and are encouraged at all times to make links between their learning and the world in which they live.