New Mission Academy offers the Ghana Education Service curriculum from crèche through Junior High School. In Form three (3) students are expected to sit for the Ghana Education Service Certificate Examination after going through series of mock exams to prepare them come out with flying colours.


A well balanced and inspiring Work
Play Life

We engage our students in delightful learning activities that challenge them to better themselves both academically and psychologically.

As you enter our gates you will encounter a joyful, engaging community of learners. Children are bubbling with the contagious excitement and love from our supportive, dedicated teachers.

Teaching is an art mastered by all our
Amazing Teachers

The teacher's role in every child's life is an essential part of the child's deveopment.

Application letters are usually selected from a pool of letters; applicants are invited for an interview after which the panel short lists and selects the most competent teacher(s) from the list of applicants.

Our teachers are graduates from the various universities in and outside Ghana. We are always on the lookout for teachers with long years of experience in education


We believe in a system of
Good Behaviour - Discipline - Reward

The base of our educational principles is built on a reward system that encourages students to do their best at all times.

Pupils are trained to behave in an acceptable manner wherever they find themselves. Pupils are disciplined using varied methods like being spoken to, isolation, writing of lines, etc.

Pupils are rewarded in kind when they do good deeds. Motivational words are spoken; gifts like books are awarded to perfect-oral positions, etc.

A welcoming place that nurtures
Each Child

Each child is special in their own way, we understand this, and always strive to meet each child's special needs.
Our pupils are divided into three categories; and these are:
THE PRE - SCHOOL: is made up of pupils who are between the ages of six (6) months to five (5) years. PRIMARY PUPILS: Are from six (6) to eleven (11) years. JUNIOR HIGH PUPILS: Are between the ages of eleven (11) to thirteen (13) years respectfully.
Our qualified staffs offer safe, caring, and stimulating environment for pupils to learn and develop properly. We encourage active learning through classroom, co-curricula activities which enable our pupils to grow in confidence and succeed learning situations.


We care, we provide your child with
Safety & Welfare

The school has trained security personnel who guard its borders and pupils. Pupils are issued with identification cards which are used in picking them up from the school.

The school has security cameras placed everywhere on the compound with exception of the washrooms. Cleaners are placed at washrooms to help pupils, where the need be.