Standard Educational Facilities

New Mission Academy recognizes the impact of the learning environment on every growing child's reasoning and learning capabilities. Hence, the school's management has invested in developing the school facilities to a standard beyond expectations. The school is GES certified to have standard facilities that are required for your child.

Cool and Condusive Learning Environment:

The school is sited at an area with cool climatic conditions. Our classrooms and buildings are sound proof and are equipped with air conditioners to regulate the temperature in the room at all times. All classrooms have multiple wide windows which also allows for natural aeration within the room.

Dedicated IT Center:

For a more practical teaching and learning experience, the school has a dedicated ICT lab which is well stocked with computers. This helps improve the learning process of students since they are have a first-hand experience of what they are being thought in computer class. We thrive to keep the ratio of student to computer 1:1 at all times.

Sports and Fitness:

Here at New Mission Academy, we believe in the holistic development of a child. As such, we place equal importance to sports and fitness and academic learning as well. Our students have sports classes and are taught the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and improving upon their fitness daily.

Innovative Teaching Methods:

New Mission Academy is equipped with facilities to improve the teaching style. Teachers and students have access to facilities such as projectors, digital/analog televissions, clean white boards, etc, which are meant to make the entire learning process more engaging, dynamic, exciting and efficient.

Science Laboratory:

The school has a well-furnished, purpose built laboratory where pupils are guided to experience the practical aspects of lessons taught.


New Mission Academy's school library is well-stocked with text books, fictional and non-fictional books. There is an experienced librarian who has a session with each class per week. Children may borrow up to three books at a time, over weekends. In addition to their library period, children have access to the library before school starts, at break time and up until 5:00pm on school days.

Dinning Halls:

The school has two dining halls where pupils are served with wholesome meals. Each dining hall is supervised by a well trained caterer. Meals served are nutritious and hot.

First Aid and Sick Bay:

The school has a sick bay with a qualified nurse. For administering first aid. Parents are however, strongly advised not to send children to school if they are feeling unwell; especially if they show signs of infectious diseases like ring worm, chicken pox, eye infection, COVID19 etc. Children may also be sent to First Care Hospital or Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital in case of emergencies, and parents are notified as soon as possible.

Swimming Lessons:

We have swimming lessons incorporated into our academic timetable which enables pupils from Grade 1-6 to have practical swimming lessons every week.


The school has a thirty-seater, air-conditioned bus which pupils may use for their educational trips.

Art Studio:

The school has an art studio where pupils may carry out their practical art works. The studio is supervised by teachers in the Creative Art department.

Technical Workshop:

We also boast of a technical laboratory where pupils in the Junior High department can have practical (and safe) workshop lessons.